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Create a segmented panel look in a traditional monolithic panel design at an incredible price.

AO PolyPanel

The AO PolyPanel offers a segmented look in a traditional monolithic panel design.  Its smart, simple design will continue to look fresh among its more contemporary counterparts. AO PolyPanel kits are now available.  Stack on your exsiting AO1/AO2 panels.

AO PolyPanel System

The AO PolyPanel offers the segmented panel look in a traditional monolithic panel design. It is a completely new,one of a kind, tiered panel system that offers maximum design flexibility without overwhelming you with options. With Compatico AO PolyPanel you get the look of a stackable tile system at a much lower price.

Compatico AO PolyPanel's multi-panel and frame system is attractive, easy to plan, and provides more options for your office system panels. Up to three different panels (fabric and/or glazed) can be stacked on each other to create multiple designs on each panel wall. This allows you to create a customized design for your workspace.

Download the AO PolyPanel Product Brochure
Download the AO PolyPanel Kit Brochure