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Standard Paint Finishes

Standard Paint Colors Available on:

  • Top Cap
  • Panel Trim
  • Connectors
  • Base Covers: Dark Tone (DT), Medium Tone (MT), Inner Tone Light (HF), Black Umber (BU), Soft White (LU)
  • Metal Flipper Doors: Dark Tone (DT), Medium Tone (MT), Light Tone (LT), Inner Tone Light (HF)
  • Glazing Strips: Inner Tone Light (HF), Light Tone (LT), Medium Tone (MT), Dark Tone (DT), Black Umber (BU)
  • ONP Pedestals: Dark Tone (DT), Medium Tone (MT), Inner Tone Light (HF), Light Tone (LT), Light Grey (LG), Black Umber (BU)
  • Files/Storage


Black_Umber Dark_Tone Inner_Tone_HT Inner_Tone_HF
Black Umber (BU) Dark Tone (DT) Inner Tone (HT) Inner Tone Light (HF)
Light_Neutral Light_Grey Light_Tone Medium_Tone
Light Neutral (LN) Light Grey (LG) Light Tone (LT) Medium Tone (MT)
Soft White (LU)      


Finish Swatches and Overview (PDF)




Burch Stratford Fabric anchorage thumb Guilford Terratex Fabric Value Fabric Bifold
digital card - panel fabrics v value coord thumb Mayer Fabric Card, Collection: Panel Basics - Grade 1 Movers and Shakers Cosmic Collection





Grade 1 Laminates value laminates 082415 thumb "Value" Laminates Vertical Basic and Stock Value Laminates
WilsonArt Laminate Formica Laminate Worksurface Edges




Program Color Options

advantageplusfabriccard2015 res Advantage +
Laminates, Fabrics, Finishes, Edges
advantagex fabriccard 121614 thumb Advantage X
Laminates, Fabrics, Finishes, Edges




Fabric Options

COMPATICO carries all Guilford, Burch, Stinson and Hytex panel fabrics in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. Most of Compatico's panel fabrics are certified to pass the:

  • ASTM E-84 test (a vertical application test for panel fabrics)
  • TB117 (also called CA117)


For samples and swatches of panel fabrics, contact:
1.Guildford of Maine - Grand Rapids, MI - 800-544-0200
www.guilfordofmaine.com - www.terratex.com

2.Burch Fabrics - Grand Rapids, MI - 800-841-8111

3.CF Stinson - Rochester Hills, MI - 800-841-6279

4. Hytex - Randolph, MA - 781-9865956




COM (Customer Own Material) Fabric

Compatico must approve all COM Fabrics for use. A sample (12" x 12") of COM Fabric is required for approval before order acceptance. COM yardage is based upon directional fabric, 66" width roll. All extra COM yardage will be returned with product order shipment. Allow for extra leadtime. Click here to view yardage charts.