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Tile and frame panel system offering workstations, floor-to-ceiling offices and a full palette of fabric and finish options.


Going from simple to complex, Genesis offers a complete range of office furniture accomplishments. From starter work stations to floor-to-ceiling private offices, Genesis does it with simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Yet, a full palette of fabric and finish options and a broad product vocabulary allow you to address virtually any office area.


Genesis ESP Program

In response to a multitude of requests for the new Compatico Genesis tile and frame panel system, and requests from our dealer partners to offer their customers simplified planning and specifications, we have launched the Compatico ‘ESP’ program. Consider these benefits:

• Award-winning, design-oriented tile and frame system
• Great prices and easy installation
• Tested and certified product quality
• Three week on-time and complete shipment performance
• Customization options to meet specific floor plan, design, and application needs
• Compatico trusted reputation for customer “first” service

How it Works:

• All combinations and features shown are available
• Prices for black finish and ESP prices for all other finishes
• All orders ship complete in three weeks for projects up to $150,000 list
• Standard pricing with non-black finish lead times are 6-7 weeks
• Freight is free on orders over $15,000 list
• Standard Compatico Warranty and terms available

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Download NEW G2 Genesis Brochure
featuring Genesis workstations,
floor-to-ceiling and benching